WhatsApp Testing Message Yourself Feature For Select Beta Tester

By: Seat Earnings

WhatsApp testing Message Yourself feature for select beta tester The feature can be currently seen in the beta version of the app on Android.

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will soon let you send messages to yourself. The feature is most likely called Message Yourself and is expected to be available for all soon. 

According to WaBetaInfo, the feature can be currently seen in the beta version of the app on Android. Note that this isn’t any major update as there was always a way to send messages to yourself.  

WhatsApp is only streamlining the process. Previously one had to either create a group or save one’s number with some name to send messages to yourself. 

WhatsApp will by default save your number. Those updating the app (only beta testers) will see Message Yourself as the chat caption. WhatsApp is basically highlighting the already-existing ability in the app to chat with yourself. 

This is one update that the Meta-owned chat company is working on. WhatsApp simultaneously is also said to be working on a feature for linked devices that will let users send messages to themselves from a linked device. 

Once the update rolls out, users will be able to see their number when trying to log into WhatsApp from a different linked device. The feature is expected to come to both Android and iOS phone users. 

WhatsApp is also working on improving the group chat experience. The company is looking to add profile photos in group chat. It will help recognize group members quickly.  

According to WaBetaInfo, this feature has been enabled for some iOS beta testers this week but it will be possible to view profile photos within group chats in a future update of WhatsApp Desktop beta as well. 

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