WhatsApp Back After Longest Global Outage 

By: Seat Earnings

WhatsApp services are back online after the longest outage it has ever faced. The instant messaging platform was down for over 90 minutes. The messaging service is finally up and running and users have started receiving all the back log of messages. The voice and video calling feature is also up and running. 

WhatsApp Back After Longest Global Outage, Meta Sorry For "Inconvenience" Most reports were about messages not going through while others reported server disconnection and the app crashing altogether

Messaging service WhatsApp is back up after an outage of about two hours, its longest ever. It stopped working just after noon in India and other countries. Restoration began by 2.15 pm, though users reported that it was not stable upon return. The glitches went away gradually. 

We know people had trouble sending messages on WhatsApp today. We've fixed the issue and apologise for any inconvenience," said a spokesperson of Meta, which owns WhatsApp, besides Facebook and Instagram. It did not pinpoint the reason. 

Prominent online tool Down Detector started noticing unusually high "problem reports" at 12.07 pm, and had listed more than 25,000 such reports by 1 pm. Nearly 70 per cent of the reports were about messages not going through 

While others were about server disconnection and the app crashing altogether. These reports came down to about 1,000 by 3 pm. 

Besides users in India — WhatsApp's biggest market by user base — those from Italy and Turkey also posted on Twitter and other platforms about the WhatsApp being stuck at "connecting". It was down for users across the UK 

Over 2 billion users rely on WhatsApp for communication and payments. The company was quick to issue a statement that it was working on bringing it back up. 

A meme fest with the hashtag #WhatsAppDown began on Twitter and other platforms. Many users said they first thought their internet service was the problem. 

It was the first such global outage since last year. 

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