UK Weather In October

By: Seat Earnings

Mostly dry with sunny spells to start the week. Low pressure systems will push in from the west and it will turn unsettled, wet and windy. 

UK and northern Europe forecast

The UK and northern Europe are likely to be the windiest places on the planet this weekend. Areas of low pressure, driven by a strengthening jet stream, is forecast to barrel in from the Atlantic on Friday, with some of these likely to become named storms. 

Up to 70mph (112 km/h) gusts are expected to batter the west coast of Ireland and the Faroe Islands, with Norway’s western coastline also likely to experience strong winds into Saturday. Further stormy conditions are possible the following week when areas of deep, low pressure arrive from the west. 

Coastal communities are likely to escape the worst of the chill. In some inland townships that usually experience balmy temperatures in the low 30s at this time of year daytime maxima could struggle to reach the high teens, with the temperature change occurring within 24 hours across Wednesday and Thursday. 

Coastal communities

Maximum temperatures will again hit double figures throughout the UK the following day, with the mercury peaking at 16C just south of London and will edge up slightly to 17C on October 8. The second weekend in October will end with highs of 19C in London and on the south coast, and just a couple of degrees lower in several other surrounding areas.

The chilly blast is expected to arrive on the mountains on the afternoon of Saturday October 15, lasting into early Sunday morning. Elsewhere the weather will be heavy rain, conditions being wet and windy according to the Met Office.  


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