Kid arrested after sneaking on stage at The Game Awards 2022

By: Setearning

The weirdest moment from The Game Awards 2022 was when a kid snuck on stage behind FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki, waited until the end of the Elden Ring creator’s speech, and then proceeded to grab the mic and yell about former U.S. president Bill Clinton. 

The young man said, “Hey, Matan, you know real quick, I want to thank everybody and say that I think I want to nominate this award to my reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton.” 

The youth came up to the stage with the FromSoftware crew and waited nervously for his time in the spotlight while in frame on the broadcast 

It’s still unclear why he did this, but according to a tweet from Geoff Keighley, The Game Awards creator, the young man was arrested after the show.

While some initially assumed the comment might have been antisemitic in nature, according to notable Bloomberg video game reporter Jason Schreier, the 15-year-old, named Matan Even, is reportedly Jewish himsel 

Even also has a history of appearing on notable conservative broadcasts, including Infowars, according to Vice

The Game Awards. He says his name is Matan and that he's 15 years old. Some thought his speech was an antisemitic dogwhistle, but he is almost certainly a Jewish prankster. 

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