Instagram DOWN As Millions Report Accounts Suspended Message In Huge Outage 

By: Seat Earnings

Instagram is down for thousands of people as social media users complain their accounts have been randomly suspended. The social media site has been hit with an outage for the second time in as many weeks. Just three days ago, it went down along with Facebook and WhatsApp - marking a network wide failure for the Meta company.

Today users started reporting the bug early this afternoon and outrage grew as it affected more and more people. When trying to login, the users were met by a popup informing them that there account was suspended.

Around 12:40pm today the number of outages rocketed from a dozen, into the thousands over a matter of minutes, according to DownDetector.

This continued to rise and the nature of users seemingly having their accounts suspended has left some distressed. 

But not everyone is affected and there is no word yet what caused the mystery outage, but people took to other social media platforms to complain about the issue.

One affected user said: "This is shocking. Instagram randomly decided to suspend my account. The account never had a single issue in all these years I'm using it and now suddenly its suspended." 

Others were even less successful and when they tried to verify their details or appeal the decision the app glitched to not let them do so anymore, locking them out seemingly indefinitely with a black screen and a loading icon. 

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