Let's know best stocks under hundred Rupees in Indian market

1. Trident Ltd 

Trident is a textile manufacturing company which has given a return of 320% in the last five years

The current share price of Trident company is Rs 38 and the market cap of this company is more than 20000 crores

2. Shriram Properties 

Shriram property company was started in 1995 from Bangalore which works in real estate sector.

CMP - 81 Ruppes

Shriraam properties were listed in the market in December 2021 with a market cap of 1400 crores

3. Kellton tech solution

Kellton tech solutions is a web development and social software company.

Kellton tech solutions company's share is Rs.70 and this company has given 65% return in five years.

4 .TV 18 Broadcast 

TV 18 broadcast is a media and television company of the Reliance Group

The share price of TV 18 broadcast company is currently Rs 41 and its market capital is Rs 7240 crore.

5.Steel Authority Of India 

Steel authority of India is one of the largest steel producing company in the country.

Sail Company has given a return of 30% in the last five years and its market capital is more than 33044 crores.

CMP- 80 Rupees